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Websites are a crucial asset for modern businesses of all kinds. They create the opportunity for you to reach huge numbers of potential customers throughout the world, allow new people to discover what you do, and help you to provide greater service and convenience to your customers. We can design a website that does your business proud – a site that will increase your chances of transforming casual site visitors into actual paying customers.

We are a dedicated, hands-on team that work effortlessly to your needs. We develop incredible websites and other interactive solutions for our clients.


We do more than create. We help you navigate the new reality of Social Media. We understand what makes a website work and importantly stand out.


Great solutions come from good listening. It’s a developed skill. We understand your needs and arrive at creative, highly customized solutions tailored for you.


Cheeta Web Solutions offer dynamic Web Designs and Consultancy.
We're passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, even if it isn't easy.

We are website designers and Consultancy team with many years of experience in the field. We work with businesses that are just starting out as well as those who already have a strategy in place. Our SEO knowledge and commitment to staying up to date with trends means we can offer continuous support to you, even when your needs change. Our compact team is composed of talented specialists with their own areas of expertise. The combination of knowledge and technical skills they possess puts us in the perfect position to support and advise our clients. We work effortlessly to bring you the design you need or the focus to help you get your website up and running.



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Marine Fabre
Managing Director
Megan Smith
Web Developer
Sally Mcguinness
Technical Support
Alice Wijaya
Business Development
Paloma Ponce
Content Manager


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